At love, Aunt Bonnie we know that there is an art and style to a life well lived. In this feature, we'll introduce you to people and ideas that represent a myriad of perspectives on beauty. This month we explore perspectives on Darker Beauty.

Maya Brown
Black Opal Beauty

Question: What does #BlackGirlMagic mean to you?

Answer: #BlackGirlMagic means that we hold the power in our hands to do any and every thing. We create aspiration, set the trends, and change the game. I mean...look at how many women are trying to emulate our standard of beauty. Now...what's more magical than that!

Daphney Moise
Certified Makeup Artist & Blogger

Question: Why does Dark Beauty matter?

Answer: Dark beauty needs to be celebrated because for many years dark beauty has not been acknowledged and now it's time to show the full range of beauty in all hues.