Bonnie Consults

"When I wanted to tell consumers about my first fragrance recipe; CLIQUE by Roble, I knew Corey Huggins and his love, Aunt Bonnie brand were the exact strategic partners to present the fragrance concept to the world. He built a 'Beautifully Delicious' beauty box as the perfect foundation for my fragrance launch. It was pure wave..."
--Chef Roble Ali

Corey Huggins is driving the Black and Multicultural beauty conversation in the digital space. With collective years in Marketing & Sales for brand management and beauty giants like Kraft, L'Oreal USA, Ales Groupe, Mana Products and GlossyBox USA Huggins has charted the strategic direction for powerhouse brands like Maybelline, LOGICS, MIZANI/Soft Sheen Carson, PhytoSpecific and Black Opal. And now with the launch of love, Aunt Bonnie- -the first luxury beauty education & media architecture--for Black and Multicultural Women, Huggins' company is the 'beauty bridge' for brands seeking a connection to the Black and Brown beauty market.

Huggins and love, Aunt Bonnie have partnered with the following brands: