About Aunt Bonnie

"I had an Aunt, her name was Bonnie and she introduced me to beauty. She was love & knowledge personified."

-- Corey Huggins
Founder & Global CEO

Aunt Bonnie was smart, chic and embraced all of life's experiences. Fierce and independent she ran with the bulls, danced on tabletops and lived with passion & purpose. Knowing her beauty was the key. Consequently love, Aunt Bonnie is created for you to walk in her high heels so you can Know Your Beauty too. And like a modern day "Beauty Godmother" love, Aunt Bonnie will guide you in your journey. We use facts as foundation, gorgeousness for style and reassurance to inspire as we write the chic story of Black and Brown beauty.

We believe every Girl--and very special Boys too deserve the love of an Aunt Bonnie!