According to Harvard Medical School, the great outdoors may be cold and wet but inside we live in desert-like conditions via heat that combined reek havoc on Black & Brown skin. Consequently, Winter in and of itself creates unique bone-drying conditions that evaporate moisture out of our skin leaving it parched and ashy. But the good news is that despite this harsh season, there are things you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling far more moisturized. Here is your love, Aunt Bonnie tips for keeping your skin nourished and conditioned:

Turn down the thermostat. Hot air tends to be drier than cooler air.

Use a humidifier. Humidifiers can help. The problem is that moisture may be soaked up in walls and furniture or disperse rapidly, depending on how airtight your the home.

Take warm, NOT hot, baths and showers. Hot water whisks away the fatty substances in the skin that help it retain water. Some doctors recommend bath oils. You can also a post-bath moisturizer (ie: Obia Naturals Skin Care Collection for the Body!).

Use a mild soap. Dove is a familiar brand. Cleansers like Cetaphil are an alternative to soap.

Wear loose clothing. Clothing that binds and rubs can dry out skin.

Stay protected. Cold, windy air is very drying, so bundle up and wear warm mittens or gloves to protect your hands.